Start with the Story: She's just a Child!

For me, scrapbooking is all about the story! My favorite pages tell a story. 

Might be a big story.
Might be a small story.
Might be an account of an event.
Might be just a thought that is important to no one but me.
But a story is a must.

I am a fan of the show, Top Chef. I always really enjoy the episodes that allow the chef contestants to show who they are as a chef without a bunch of crazy twists or requirements. Just let them cook! I like it when they say "this is me on a plate."

In that line of thinking, this layout is "me on a page"! It's clean, it tells a story, it has a title and a photo and is mostly cardstock. 


Start with the story!

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LisaDV said...

I'm with you. I tend to do my journaling right after choosing my photos, because the story may be completely different than I originally thought when pulling the photo(s). Then i can pull the right papers to help with that mood.