A Scrapworthy Life

IThree years ago, I fell off a cruise ship and broke my knee. In three places. I had surgery and spent 2 months on some very powerful narcotics. Somehow, during the time I was injured and subsequently retrofitted with stainless steel parts and pieces, my scrap-craftiness got lost and even though I had spent the previous 16 years as an enthusiastic lover of all things Scrapbooking, suddenly, I was no longer that girl. 

Nothing felt right. 
Papers didn't match. 
I had no voice in my head telling me to write things--other than a grocery list.
I was numb.
And afraid.
All my favorite scrapbook stores closed.
My card stock stash gathered dust.
Anything I tried to do felt flat.
I lost my creative spirit.
I lost my ability to pay attention to long term things and read long books.
I lost 40 pounds.
And my hobby.
It kind of sucked.

Three very long years.
In that time, we remodeled our house, experienced having a teenage son in psychiatric in-patient care twice, and subsequently, sold the newly-remodeled house and moved to Texas. 

We've now been Texans for almost a year.
It's growing on me.

So this past week, I had quite a bit of driving to do and for some unknown reason, I thought that maybe I would listen to some of the podcasts I've been putting off listening to for too long, as a way to pass the miles.

More than 2400 miles later (spread over 6 days), I'm six episodes into The Scrap Gals podcast and so thoroughly ready to scrapbook again, it's not even funny. See, I've known Tracie Claiborne for many years and no one is more enthusiastic about all things Scrapbooking than Tracie. She and co-host, Tiffany are two of the most knowledgable people around when it comes to Scrapbooking--why and with what, who does it and how to do it well. These two are the girls you want to sit beside and chat with at a crop--I've had the pleasure of doing just that--it's both educational and enjoyable.

Four minutes into the first podcast I chose to listen to--the one on Creativity--I felt like maybe I could get the spark back.  A few minutes past that, I was itching to get back to my craft room and pull out some papers! 

I'm rusty. 
I'm out of practice.
I'm starting slow.

I have a plan.
My new way of Scrapbooking is simpler. 8.5x11, my first love.
Hand-written journaling.
Single photo, single thought.
Limited scope, limited product.

The little strips of patterned paper on the layout above are pieces of a journaling card, cut up. 

By the way, I've been playing with Post-it's lately, so I'm including a Post It on each layout.

This book is going to be called the #lifeinTexas project. It's simple and observational.

Live a Scrapworthy life.

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KnitterPam said...

Way to go! I lost my creative spirit for a while after my knitting store closed. Felt sorta like a divorce. Then the love of knitting came back slowly. I recently started listening to Tracie's podcast too, and I think those gals are a bundle of fun. Glad you're finding your crafty way again. Keep us posted!