Impressed by Impress...every time.

This is not a commercial. I am in no way being compensated to tell you (all three of you) that I think Impress Rubber Stamps are the best stamps on the market today. You've been warned.

Truly. They are.

This post is going to be all about Impress. For just one reason.

I. Love. Impress. Stamps.

If you've been stamping for a million years like me, then you remember the days when rubber stamps were *all* mounted on wood blocks. They were all special little works of art, mounted on a block of wood. You had to be wary of shallow-etched rubber stamps or stamps without proper padding as they were cheap and difficult to stamp with. No worries with Impress stamps--the etching is a mile deep and the padding rivals any bed I've ever slept on.

Impress Rubber Stamps are wood mounted. Gasp. (I know.) In the day when so many of the best companies are giving in to the allure of clear (photopolymer) stamps because they are less time consuming and less costly to manufacture and consumers love the ease-of-storage, Impress has continued on with *actual* red rubber images mounted on wood blocks with a luxurious layer padding. This customer is *so* insanely happy that they have.

Yes. You will pay a little more for these little creative goodies but oh, they are so worth it. I've been stamping for about a month with the popsicle and the flag thank you and the chevron egg and the piece of polka dot washi tape and this beautiful oversized flower and I haven't gotten an unusable impression yet.

On my crafty bucket list, is to take a flight out to Washington State and visit the brick and mortar stores--both of them--called Impress Rubber Stamps. I stalk follow them on Facebook for their beuatiful ideas and glimpses into the most beautiful stores in the world. Oh and you can be sure that when I go to Washington, I will do so on a weekend that includes classes by the oh-so-lovely Julie Ebersole.

Sharing the love...

Happy Summer friends...

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KnitterPam said...

beautiful cards, sarah! :)