up up and away

My space is a crazy mess from all the stamping that's been going on's a nice change of pace.

A few days ago I started stamping and punching cupcakes--and realized that I should devise a way to save the extras that invariably happen.

There's a stack of Becky Higgins' Project Life page protectors sitting on the corner of my desk...hmmm.

That's perfect. I sacrificed one of those lovely sub-divided page protectors and am happy to say that I now have the perfect little storage idea for extra stamped images.

So obviously you can't really see the clear "page protector" that's attached to the left inside of the stamp case...but it's there. I cut a single section of one of the Project Life protectors out and put a strip of adhesive on the back, attaching it to the case (although that's not absolutely necessary). It would work just fine to slip the little section, which is sealed on the sides and the bottom, inside the case without adhesive.

Certainly not rocket science...and I'm probably not the first person to come up with this...but I do enjoy a little happy storage stroke of genius from time to time. :)

Cupcakes and Hot Air Balloons are popping up everywhere lately...I really wanted a blue ribbon on this but, oddly enough, there was no dark blue ribbon in the stash. I know, right. How can that be?

Happy Stamping!


Julia said...

Lovely card!

Mimi said...

Lovely card, great MacGuyvering, and I am sure you must rectify the ribbon issue immediately :)