broken knee broken craftiness

Broken knee, Broken Craftiness.

I broke my knee in three places on February 20. Since then, I haven't felt the least bit crafty or created a single thing worthy of pixels. I've experienced crafty dry spells before but never has any previous one lasted this long.

I continue to read all my favorite scrapbooking, card-making, creative blogs and truly enjoy the works shown but not enough to make me pick up a piece of paper or a stamp.

I have shopped a little. OK, maybe more than a little. There are no less than 7, 8, 9 new sets of stamps waiting on me to play with them...but hmmm, "not today, perhaps tomorrow". Alas, a touch of shopping on-line does bring a girl some cheer when the mail arrives, but even fresh stamps haven't pulled me out of this stupor. (What did banged up people do before the age of laptops, wireless Internet and even smart phones?)

Jus' not feelin' it right now.

My fortieth birthday happened and not a single photo was snapped.

Joal went to Africa for ten days and brought home stunning images of all things Kenyan...and I am not moved. It's official. My wood is wet.

My creative space is languishing in heaps and piles not of my own making and clouds of disarray. I couldn't find a roll of adhesive if my life depended on it. The use of a left knee is not necessary for a good scrapbook why can't I get to it?

Was my crafty creative mojo locked up in the 36 pounds I lost in 45 days?

What's a girl to do?


tnscrapper said...

So Sorry to hear that you are in a non crafting way. Hope that your knee is healing. 36lbs in 45 days???? I could only wish!

Hope you get your crafting mojo back quickly!

Marilyn C.

Nicole K/GothamGal said...

I am sorry that happened to you.
Oddly enough both my mother and my Grandmother injured themselves in a similar fashion right around that time, too.

They are going through physical therapy, and knowing their battles, I just want you to know I will be thinking of you. Sending healing thoughts.