On the Mark

Another of the layouts that I mostly finished at my weekend retreat...

I'm particularly happy with this page, because it used several items I've been holding onto indefinately--the alphabet stickers from Basic Grey and of course, the (beloved) Scenic Route paper. I'm so hooked on the white pen...making lines and adding tiny touches of white to patterned's one of those inexpensive simple details that kicks things up a notch (to borrow Emerill's line).

Rewinding a few weeks, back to Memorial Day weekend...I had the great pleasure of trekking up to Dayton, Ohio to take 4 (yes, four) classes at Simply Scrapbooks with Jennifer McGuire. I shared about that on my Stampin' Up! blog, if you wanna read more, go here. While I don't feel like it's right to share all the cards and things we created in those classes, I do want to post one of my favorites, because well, it's one of my favorites!

The upper portion of the card--the flower panel--is stamped on glossy paper. It's double stamped, in fact, with the flowers and the definition stamp. The "bow" is kindof a tuxedo-style, secured with an over-sized button. At the time, that ribbon, by May Arts, wasn't even out for purchase yet. (Jennifer has *connections*) :)  It was released just before CHA and I got some in the mail this week! Ordered it from Lucky Lady Paper Crafts on Etsy. I can hardly wait to work with it on some other projects. It's completely decadent, and the blue-ish is named "Caribbean Blue" so you know I love it!

A funny thing happened at the crop last weekend--someone took a look at the above page and said "Don't you ever get tired of scrapbooking 'boy colors'?" Ha! Um. No. What exactly are "boy colors"? Color is not masculine and feminine. Color just is. True, I don't really get into a flaming festival of pink, very often, but if pushed, I could make it work. :)

I say "be free"...colors are delightful...all of them.

But if pushed, I would also say that I do adore all colors in the Caribbean family...and that works out well. :)


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