Andy (May)

Cory took this picture of Andy at church...I thought I would share it...flashy fashionista sunglasses aside. :)
I have the pleasure of leaving on Friday to go to Tyler for a dinner on Saturday night honoring Andy in his former hometown of Hawkins, TX. Andy's first gig as a volunteer fireman was at the Holly Lake Fire Department, near Hawkins. Those folks seem to think quite highly of him..LOL!
It'll be a family affair--Mom and Dad, Daniel and I, possibly others. It will be a fast trip but I'm excited. I'm going alone this time and that's not something I get to do very often.


Ivana Clay said...

Have a great trip. It is always nice to be with family, no matter for how long. :) And to have some alone time will be nice also. Enjoy!!!

Andy looks so handsome in this picture! Shades and all. :)

Anita said...

Have fun! Give him hugs from this stranger to him...heheehee! Give the boys and hubby hugs from me too....I gotta plan a visit there soon. I need a 'girl-trip'....oooo so bad! LOL Love you!

Christy B said...

I hope you had fun! Andy looks great!

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